Hello everyone!

Chef in the works

Hey everyone!

My name is Alexandria Nash, and I’m a young cook in the town of St,John’s, which if some of you don’t know is in Newfoundland, Canada. I started my culinary training at a local college in September 2014. Since then I’ve been trying to learn everything and anything that I can, I’ve even competed in local skills competitions. One of which I got to repersent Newfoundland at the Canadian nationals in Saskatoon.

Cooking has become a gate way for me to express my inner creativity. Everything I bake or cook is just so much fun. My job isn’t a job to me. It’s a place I get to go and learn all these crazy things. And all the chefs I work with are just so influential and have taught me so much, I’m forever grateful for all there lessons and tips. Anyways the whole point of this is…

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The Next Generation Chef

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