Interview with Saransh Goila – For the Love Of Food!

Born Of A Million Thoughts

If we were rewriting mythology, we’d sure create a Food Devta, who’d be forever blessing us with Lasagna, Biryani, Pasta, Butter Chicken, Samosas, Paneer Tadka, Kebabs, Hummus, Felafel, Pizzas, Burgers, Endless summer smoothies, chocolate-Oreo-Nutella-brownies and what not! (Already salivating.)

There’s no love greater than good food and a heavenly drink!

But wait, we’re back to reality and there’s so much Food to choose from and venture beyond Dal Makhani and Naan (though that’s a kingly feast!), we seldom find the experimenting streak in the Indian food scene. Confused? trying the Spanish Paella or Cheesecakes with an Indian twist may sound like the Ultimate food porn your stomach needs!

Think we’re kidding?
Meet Saaransh Goila, the young gun whose book “India on my platter” is taking the Culinary world by storm and how! In this conversation, we get you some finger lickin good food hacks and a peep into his…

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The Next Generation Chef

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