Doritos Pizza Launch

I am not a pizza fan, but when it comes to ordering one, Pizza hut is my only choice. The other day, I went to attend the Doritos Pizza launch party, so sharing my experience and taste review here.

The official launch of Doritos crust pizza was celebrated by Pizza hut and a little Crunchy party was thrown for the bloggers and media professioanls. The party had an array of games and fun activities hosted by Anoushey Ashraf. The venue was flooded with people and for a few minutes after entering inside, I could not fathom what was happening there! The coolest thing was the photography wall so I headed towards it and got a photo done with my bestie Nida. The hardcopy of the photo was handed over to us after a while, which looked pretty chic!

12669865_10153198282360807_881192345_o The Photography wall

12695830_10153198364135807_1947251825_n Me with Nida

12696630_10153198282070807_969035744_o Anoushey hosting the games


Now comes the important…

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