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If you are looking for trendy or fancy or antiseptic, don’t go to Fuji Lunch (冨士ランチ). But if you want to step back in time for some good ole yoshoku (洋食)–ie: Western inspired Japanese cuisine that came about during the Meiji Restoration–head out Asagaya Station’s North Exit and hang a left down your second side street. There you will find the dingy, old diner that you’d probably otherwise pass right by.

Fuji Lunch is a small diner run by one guy in a white apron and chef’s hat. He’s not the most congenial or garrulous guy but this allows him to be quick with the food. The American Forces Network broadcast coming from the small radio certainly adds to the yoshoku atmosphere, with its bad music, bad ads and current events from Yokota Air Base. It’s got seating for 14 people–a couple of four-tops and six pickle green vinyl stools along the counter.


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