Pita Boss Food Truck


I’m not sure if this is just one of my hangups, or other people suffer from the same malady, but I envision food trucks as having exciting, gourmet, creative offerings. Pitas or salads, well, just sound too pedestrian to me and so I never got too jazzed about the idea of a food truck that just purveys these items. I can just go down the street to Pita Pit, Panera, etc. to get something just the same in a relative amount of time. But, alas, food trucks are the vehicle of convenience, so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to forego fighting traffic and fending off odd stares at a female eating alone on her lunch hour.

The Pita Boss offers up some of your favorite, old-standby pitas/wraps/salads in pita form. They’ve chosen clever names for their entrees – all reminiscent of “bosses” of our historical past. As…

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