Veggie Velo – Review

Veggie Velo is a food truck, well actually, it’s a bike that travels around and sets up in different spots in the city of Adelaide. They offer vegetarian and vegan burgers and may I just say, the BEST burgers I’ve had so far on my vegan food journey.

veggie velo

Large, refreshing, plant based burgers with SO much flavour! I’ve tried their chickpea burger which is amazing. It has vegan mayo on it, which is the best damn sauce I’ve had in my life. This pictured tempeh & pumpkin burger which is, you guessed it, also amazing. The tempeh has such a meaty texture it would please anyone!

Sometimes a nacho burger is offered on the menu that I am yet to try but I certainly have the intentions to!

The only improvement I would like to see is gluten free burger buns! They offer the burger in salad form if you…

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