CPR for your meals

Do eat!

eat well plate image source: Health Canada




These are the essential components of each meal that work together to create nutritional, physical, and psychological balance.

CARBS: Sugars, grains, and starches – the only food fuel that your brain and other vital tissues will accept.  If you do not take in carbohydrates at meals, your body will make its own (from liver storage, protein, or fat).  If your body has to resort to this process on a regular basis, it will adapt to conserve calories by improving fat storage and possibly reducing metabolism.  For this reason, it is a good idea to include sources of carbohydrates with each meal; the trick is to keep the portion just right, because the portions that most of us are used to will most definitely lead to weight gain.

PROTEIN: This is what keeps you full, or satiated (in addition to…

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