PART ONE: Choosing a Whetstone

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Whetstones are often considered to be one of the best ways to sharpen a knife because the user has the most control over the angle and grit used. Once this method of sharpening is mastered, it can be both very effective and gentle. A whetstone is a sharpening method that uses natural stone or synthetic materials to sharpen a knife using friction. The first thing you have to do is choose the type of whetstone you want to use.

Choosing a Whetstone

There is a wide range of whetstones on the market, which can make the process of choosing one quite confusing. The four (4) most common types of whetstones are ceramic stones, diamond stones, oil stones and water stones.

Item41998 copy

Quick Cut Combo Stone (Item#41998 Canada/ Item# 41998 USA)

900.2002.21 copy

Water Stone with Stand (Item# 900.2002.21 Canada/Item #900.2002.21 USA)

The four types of stones…

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