Where Food and History Meet: Michael W. Twitty’s Culinary Journey at Afroculinaria


At Afroculinaria, Michael W. Twitty serves up his own recipe of food blogging. The African American-Jewish culinary historian writes about African American foodways, the food culture and history of the American South, and the exploration of identity through cooking. His forthcoming book, The Cooking Gene, chronicles his search for a culinary homeland, retracing the steps of his family’s journey from Africa to America and from slavery to freedom, using food as his lens.

Michael — who was named a TED2016 Fellow and is speaking this week at TED2016: Dream in Vancouver, Canada — talks about his research and balancing his efforts for both his blog and his book.

Afroculinaria is a food blog, yet it’s so much more than that. It documents your personal culinary journey, the intersections of Africa and America, and food and history. Can you expand a bit on what you blog about?

There are food…

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