Why you should switch to olive oil


If you’re like me, you love butter. And why wouldn’t you? It’s tasty, convenient, and probably sitting on your kitchen counter right now. But today, I’m going to tell you why you should drop the butter, and make the switch to olive oil.

Andrea Consoli, professional chef and owner of Cooking Classes in Rome, uses olive oil in almost all of the dishes he serves.

“We call it here the Green Gold. Green because of its color, and gold because of its importance to the Italian cooking”


The tile outside Andrea Consoli’s kitchen represents the business he has created with his wife. To the right, his kitchen is bustling with guests cutting fresh bread for bruschetta and rolling handmade gnocchi.

Today, he told me, there are nearly 500 different types of olive trees.And if that doesn’t shock you, each type, he says, has an undeniably distinct taste according…

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