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Cultivating Foodies

This year I have had the opportunity to help teach the local 4H club foods club.  When I first signed up I assumed it would be fairly basic lessons, with a couple kids whose parent’s signed them up.  Boy was I wrong.  The little crew we had sign up are quite a hilarious mix of aspiring little chefs.  Ranging in age from 7 – 13 and all getting along quite nicely I might add.  Not only do they cook at the club meeting each month, they cost each recipe they make so they can see exactly how much each portion costs.  I have to say this blows my mind.  In culinary school we had an entire class on how to do this, and some of the adults in my class still could not handle it by the end.  The poor teacher went over it again and again and again… I…

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The Next Generation Chef

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