Incase you were or have been wondering where you can get a decent English breakfast, chicken and chips, pizza or cake, we’ve got a suggestion for you.

Having heard so much about the place, we decided on one of those days when there was free time from school and a car at our disposal, we decided to check it out.

The place: TRULY LOVELY PATISSERIE AND DESSERT Cafèsacramento estate, Calabar.

(Instagram: @trulylovelycakes)
Because it’s in an estate, it has a very cool ambience, serene and tres romantic (incase you’re wondering to take me to for a date *winks* )

We took several minutes to look around, take necessary pictures after we had ordered, of course.

Our Order arrived in about 20minutes; we had snacks while we waited. But it’s good time for small talk if you ask me.

*Zahzee: Omg! The meatpie omg*

Chakie: nah.. The sausage roll…

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