Chef Huck: Cid’s menu—a tasty, healthy alternative for people on the go

The Astral Plane

Chef Jeff Huck Cid’s menu a healthy alternative for people on the go

Photo: Katharine Egli

Images and story originally published in Taos News

Chef Jeff Huck has an eclectic background that combines education, anthropology, and cooking. He is currently the kitchen manager at Cid’s Food Market.

Huck started cooking at home when he was fifteen years old.

“I found out then that I really liked to cook,” he said. “Of course, I love food…I am a New Yorker!”

He moved from New York to Colorado in 1995 and attended Naropa University.

“I was very interested in environmental studies so horticulture and anthropology were my main focuses,” he said. “All those years, I still cooked at home and enjoyed it, though I didn’t think I would become a chef.”

After graduation he and his then girlfriend (now his wife) Alicia Bartzen Huck moved to Taos.

“That was in 1998,” he said. “We left for a few months but decided to come back. This…

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