Road trip in taiwan – Keelung night market

Darwin on the rocks and around the world

Last November, we went to Taiwan for two weeks and we did a road trip around the island and it was fabulous ! The weather, the people.. and the food, oh the food…. it was just amazing ! We landed in Taipei and we started to drive clockwise around the island.

The flight from Manchester to Taipei airport was a long one, and the 4 hours stop over in Dubai were a bit painful. I thought Emirates was a good airline company, but I have to admit that the service was really poor on that flight and we had to wait almost 2 hours before getting a bit of water. Our seats were broken and we couldn’t lower them.. so it was impossible for me to fall asleep ! Thankfully, they had a good selection of tv shows and films 🙂 All the hostesses seem overwhelmed and didn’t really know how…

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