Review Education Culinary Course Cooking Place in Indonesia Jakarta

NeXChef Review about the place of Culinary Education and Cooking Course in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s for those who would like to search a place where they can study about culinary in a good way that can enhance skills, passions, and motivation for career and a better life purposes. These are several place to study about culinary in Jakarta that you can visit.:

Jakarta Culinary Center  at
Jakarta Culinary Center is considered to be one of the favorite place to study about culinary techniques, among those who choose to explore the mind of a chef. The integrated curriculum and learning system is prioritized in learning & practice with the instructor whom most of them are culinary experts and successful culinary entrepreneurs. 

MIHCA Jakarta Culinary Arts Course  at
MIHCA International Indonesia is located in Central Jakarta, not far from Sawah Besar Train Station. For Students who would like to learn about culinary skills and to have a career in Cruise Ships, MIHCA  Jakarta is the right place. As one of the registered partners of several Cruise Ships such as AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruisess. Of course the students who enroll their study in MIHCA will have the opportunity to work on board the Cruise Ships. 

Gourmet House Cooking Club Jakarta  at
Gourmet House Cooking Club is powered by which is an affiliation of Nayati, a company that produces kitchen equipment. 

Dapur Inovasi Bungasari  at
Dapur inovasi Bungasari Cooking Class is specialized in using flour as the main ingredients, the program is sponsored by Bungasari as one of the biggest flour producers in Indonesia. 

Joyful Cooking  at
Joyful Cooking is the place where culinary students can enjoy the learning process in cooking and culinary course. Offering professional program, culinary business class, short course, and corporate service. 

ABC Cooking Studio Jakarta  at
ABC Cooking Studio is the place where culinary enthusiasts can meet and learn together about cooking with the instructors that will tell the knowledge of cuisine. 

Arkamaya  at
Arkamaya Indonesian Culinary Education is the place where culinary students can learn the art of creative Indonesian food. Arkamaya encourages culinary students to take the taste of familiarity from their mother’s kitchen, and turn it into something new. Something exciting. Something that is not just appetizing, but also sells.

Bogasari Baking Center  at
Bogasari Baking Center exists to create and develop the skills in making food varieties using flour as the first step in the entrepreneurial field. The module provides basic knowledge of food processing which is given fully through theoretical training (20%) and hands-on method (80%).  

Kitchen Magic Jakarta  at
Kitchen Magic Indonesia provides a culinary program for mom and kids, birthday party and corporate event. In Kitchen Magic, they say that “no one is born to be a great cook, one has to learn by doing.” 

i-Cook Culinary Center  at
i-Cook Culinary Center is a culinary school, located in in North Jakarta for those who would like to have a culinary career or to channel their hobbies in culinary. 

Almond Zucchini Cooking Studio  at
Almond Zucchini is a cooking studio that function as a place where people can have fun while doing the cooking activity and to build a good relationship and moments within every events in it. 

Indonesia Patisserie School  at
Indonesia Patisserie School offers variety of patisserie courses with excellent facilities and equipment to uphold an outstanding educational facility for all things sweet and baked. With attention to the art and the science of pastry, the classes focus on giving each participant the knowledge for a successful patisserie.

Baking and Chef Center Indonesia  at
Baking and Chef Center Indonesia is one of the center for professional cooking class program. Supported by experienced management team, BCC Indonesia offers a combination of in-class technique on baking and culinary business development.

Maison Bleu Jakarta  at
Maison Bleu Jakarta offers a culinary course program with varieties of package that people can choose. Located in North Jakarta, its strategic location provides a good access to everywhere in Jakarta. There is also a restaurant available for public in Maison Bleu.

Culinaria Modena  at
Culinaria is initiated by Modena, the provider of kitchen equipment from Italy. Through cooking class and Culinaria course from Modena, the culinary enthusiast can register per session of activity that is based on the topic on each schedule.

Chez Lely Culinary School  at
Chez Lely presents the culinary school with intensive & comprehensive programs from basic to advance level. This program is oriented to develop professional Chef. Beside the professional cuisine program, Chez Lely Culinary School also offers short course for cooking enthusiast, business owner, etc.

Imperial Cooking School  at
Imperial Cooking School Tokyo as one of the option for any foodies who are concerned with the quality and authenticity, offers an experience of learning with Executive Chef Hideyoshi Imai.

Young Chefs Academy  at
The classes at Young Chefs Academy are designed to teach students kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, cooking and baking techniques, food presentation, table setting and manners and to nurture their love for the culinary art. Through interactive classes, the students also get to practice their English and Maths, develop their interpersonal skills as well as expanding new knowledge in science, culture and geography.

Dharmaputra Kursus Kue dan Memasak  at
With experience of over 35 years in teaching how to read the recipe, how to prepare food, also how to execute on cooking and cake presentation. Dharmaputra provides course with recipes tested in Regular Classes and Practical Class, held in Jakarta classrooms.

Fortuna Kursus Kue dan Masak  at
Offering a facility for those who wish to learn about simple ways on preparing dishes, in Fortuna course each participant will be guided by experienced chef on how to prepare culinary products.

Loyang Pastry, Baking Mart & Course  at
Pastry, Baking Mart & Course from Loyang is available for everybody who enjoy learning and explore the ability to be creative in culinary.